El Capon - Shut up Chicken

Drinks to the left (uh-huh)
Drinks to the right (what?)
I fall for a girl
And I fall for a guy (yeah)
I like to go in (in)
I like to go out
When I get up (uh)
You better go downYou're leavin' me (what?)
You cheated on me (why?)
Baby, believe in me (come on)
I'm falling for everything
Don't go to sleep
No, I won't let you leave
No-no, no-no need to speak
Shut up, chickenShut up, chicken
HeyMm-hm, yeah, yeah, uh
Lick those lips
Move those hips
I like chicks with hips
Man, I love all that shit
I don't wanna have to choose
I wanna share my bed with youSo you're leaving me
You cheated on me
Believe in me
I'm falling for everything
Shut up, chickenHey
Uh-huh, okay
You know I love them chicks
I wanna hold your hips
Gonna give you a good, good lickin'
Give me the mama of…
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